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Valentine's and Saint Patrick's Day

Chase Products Co. manufactures many different aerosol products, including craft and hobby adhesives, paints, glitters, and decorating enamels. In light of the time of year, we bring you a demonstration of some of these products in action.

Take advantage of your crafting side by using some of these ideas as inspiration! Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day are a great time to show off your skills. In the following examples, the basic materials were picked up in a local hobby and craft store, ready to be customized by Chase's aerosols and glitters.

After a few sprays and careful planning, these once-plain items became a colorful display. Champion Sprayon® Premium enamel and Decorating Magic® glitter can spruce up any household item.

After Valentine's Day you can look forward to St. Patrick's Day! Hosting a party? A few quick sprays of our ColorSpray® Ultimate Enamel can brighten up any of these objects.

Again, use these examples as inspiration. You can create impressive decorations easily with a little imagination and the help of our craft and hobby products. Have fun this season, and visit us during the year for more fun projects.

For more information about these products, including a way to purchase them, check out these links:
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Happy Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day!

- Charlie Chase